Business environments change and evolve at a rapid pace and, at IFOL, we’ve already thought about lifelong and continuous learning. In fact, we even implement it for our own employees and look at new ways to develop ourselves.

Sometimes, learning and development requirements are led by market demands – or influences outside our control. COVID-19 mandated significant adjustments to work patterns. As a result, this has meant most of us learning at least one new skill as we reformed our relationships with our working environments.

Financial Operations knowledge, technology and processes evolve constantly.  Therefore, to keep up, employers need employees with the skills, capabilities and mindset to continually succeed in their specific job role.  In reciprocation, employees need employers who offer the time and space to grow and develop their skillsets; and opportunities to showcase the resulting personal and professional advancements.

As a result, to respond to the changing landscape of Financial Operations, adaptability is key for both employees and employers – and continuous learning and certifications are mutually beneficial.

Continuous Learning is key
Continuous Learning is key

Continuous learning opportunities should be useful professionally and personally enjoyable for employees. The benefits of learning and development are wide-reaching. Employee’s confidence is boosted when they feel valued. Recognition of their skills and expertise is personally fulfilling, therefore, increasing employee motivation and productivity.

The advantages derived from IFOL’s certified learning programmes add value for employers, as refreshing skillsets drives progress and excellence.

Continuous learning should be relevant and useful to ensure the learning opportunities provided by employers are worthwhile for employees. Training courses have their usefulness – they direct process and procedure. However, educational opportunities and certification programmes are more appealing to employees and are more beneficial to organisations. They provide employees with the skills, capabilities and focus required to succeed alongside a recognised qualification.

Employers and employees have a shared need to be continually aware of changing industry trends and how to adapt. Providing continuous learning opportunities ensures employees update and adapt their capabilities, therefore, giving employers a competitive edge in an ever-shifting marketplace.

Pursing knowledge and certifying your learning is key to a successful, fulfilling career.  Start today with IFOL’s Continuous Learning Programme and Certifications.

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