Full Membership for
Certified Professionals:

The Pinnacle Of IFOL Membership

After passing your certification exams with IFOL, you’ll receive an invite to become a Certified Full Member and join an exclusive network of qualified Finance Professionals. As a Certified Full Member, you’ll gain access to private members forums, regular online  training and exclusive events.


  • Annual or Monthly Subscription
  • Certified Members Exclusive Forum
  • Live Training Workshops
  • Quarterly Solutions Showcase
  • Monthly Digital Guides
  • Best Practice Webinars
  • Premium Research and Benchmarking Reports
  • Daily New and Updates
  • Conference Discounts
  • Virtual Networking Events
  • Compliance Trainings
  • Members Forums
  • Solution Provider Marketplace

“Being part of the community is great. I often attend the best practice webinars or read the guides to stay in tune with what’s happening in the industry”

Mary Fortworth

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