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For over 20 years we’ve been developing and delivering cutting-edge certification programs, training and education in the financial operations space. Our mission is to make learning and professional development more accessible to Financial Operations teams with our online learning academy and community platform.

There are several ways we can support you with developing your Finance Operations team members, learn more about each of these solutions below;

Skills Gap Analysis

Our Skills Gap Assessments have been designed specifically for P2P and O2C teams (including Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable) to provide you with detailed insights into knowledge and skills gaps within your teams.

Learn more about our Skills Gap Analysis service.

Professional Certification

We have more pathways to success than anyone else for Finance Operations teams, from Accounts Payable and Receivable to Finance Management, Project Management and more.

Learn more about IFOL’s suite of professional certification programmes.

Informal Courses and Training

In a rapidly changing world, we understand how important it is for Finance Professionals to keep up to date with new regulations, technology, operating and management models.

Learn more about Informal Courses and Training

Peer to Peer Learning

From International Conferences to Virtual Events, Networking and Benchmarking, your Peer to Peer learning opportunities with IFOL are endless.

Learn more about Peer to Peer Learning

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“Seeing the CAPP designation after my name, made me feel so proud. I finally feel I get the recognition for the specialist knowledge and skills I have.”

Lewis Hancock CAPP

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