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Professional certifications in Accounts Payable, Procure to Pay, Fraud Prevention or Project Management with IFOL deliver holistic, robust training in both technical and management areas. Each certification is globally recognized and held in high regard across USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.

All certification programmes from IFOL provide an entry point for all, no matter your level of experience, prior qualifications or geographical location.

After completing each module and skills assessments, assignments or exams, you will be awarded a certificate accredited by the Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership. You will also be invited to become a Certified Full Member of IFOL and gain access a whole world of continuous education and community including private forums, live training and a library of webinars and masterclasses.

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Certification levels explained

The certification programmes offered by the Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership are structured across levels 2 to 5, each level denoting a distinct proficiency and skillset in the field. This grading system has been meticulously designed and implemented to provide a comprehensive framework for assessing the content, complexity, and depth of each programme.

At Level 2, participants can expect technical and non-managerial study content which is designed for enhancing technical skills and knowledge. Moving up the levels, each subsequent tier (Level 3, 4, and 5) reflects a progressive increase in focus on management, leadership, technical complexity, and mastery of advanced topics and practices.

Through this tiered structure, individuals can embark on a learning journey that aligns with their current expertise and future aspirations, ensuring a systematic and goal-oriented approach to professional development within the realm of financial operations and leadership.

Where to begin

Depending on your previous experience and career aspirations, the structured IFOL learning pathway provides a starting point for all. 

Some of our certification programmes after level 2 require prior experience or education, You can find details of prior experience or education requirements below.

Level 2: No prior experience or educations requirements

Level 3: Advised (but not essential) 6 months supervisory or management experience

Level 4: Essential, 12 months supervisory or management experience in finance, accounting or procurement

Level 5: Essential, 18 months management experience OR degree level finance management qualification OR CAPP credential holder.

Level 2

Typical Entry Criteria: None

The technical level of the CAPP program which develops participants into high performing subject matter experts in the field of Accounts Payable.

The program of choice for those who want to understand and reduce the risk of fraud occurring within the Accounts Payable function.

Level 3

Typical Entry Criteria: Minimum of 6 months Supervisory or Management experience

The most widely respected Accounts Payable Certification globally. Offering entry points for all levels and experiences, CAPP is perfect for beginning or progressing a career in Accounts Payable.

 The management level of the CAPP program designed to empower Accounts Payable Managers to lead, manage and optimise teams and AP functions for maximum performance.

A specialist program for all levels to gain an understanding of the Project Management lifecycle and have the capability to contribute to or successfully manage projects of all kinds.

Level 4
(Advanced Managerial)

Typical Entry Criteria: Minimum of 12 months Supervisory or Management experience

A unique program for those in an operational role who need the capability to understand and manage partially or fully the Procure to Pay process.

Level 5
(Senior Manager or Leader)

Typical Entry Criteria: Minimum of 18 months Management experience

A senior level certification program and credential which signifies advanced competency and understanding in the management of complex Financial Operations.

How to earn your professional certification

Each certification programme from IFOL is different in their subject matter, but all have the same pathway to follow in order to achieve your desired professional credential.

Step 1


Complete your chosen online course to build an advanced understanding and give yourself the best preparation for passing the relevant exams

Step 2

Exam Prep and Practice

Use the study material, practice questions, live and recorded classes to prepare for the final exam.

Step 3

The Exam

When you’ve completed the course you can take the relevant exam at your convenience, online within the IFOL Academy.

Why invest in yourself?

Professional Status

As Financial Operations play an increasingly important role in digital transformation and operational improvement, employers are looking for talented and qualified individuals.

Relevant Content

Certification Programmes from The Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership are developed with a wide range of industry professionals and updated annually to reflect changes in practices and technology.

Earn More

Those with IFOL Certifications can earn 22% more than non-qualified colleagues and 64% of employers request it (or studying towards it) when recruiting

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