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What is the CAPP programme?

CAPP is a programme which educates participants on the overall function and responsibility of the Accounts Payable department. It prepares learners for performing the role of an Accounts Payable professional from entry, up to and including senior management level.

The Accounts Payable Practitioner (CAPP) programme comprises of two individual levels (CAPS and CAPM) which can be achieved individually or together when opting to complete the CAPP level.

Those who complete the CAPP Certification will gain the most respected professional credential in the field of Accounts Payable along with an advanced understanding of Accounts Payable processes and how Accounts Payable functions can become more risk aware and improve their processes.

How to earn the CAPP, CAPM or CAPS professional credential

Enroll today

All of the study programmes associated with CAPP are available online and on-demand – this means you can enroll right now or at a time to suit you.

Enrollment includes 12 months access for CAPS or CAPM study programmes and the final 50 question exam. For the full CAPP programme, participants have 18 months to complete all study modules and pass the 100 question exam.

Step 1


Complete your chosen online course to build an advanced understanding and give yourself the best preparation for passing the relevant exams

Step 2

Exam Prep and Practice

Use the study material, practice questions, live and recorded classes to prepare for the final exam.

Step 3

The Exam

When you’ve completed the course you can take the relevant exam at your convenience, online within the IFOL Academy.

What is the difference between CAPP, CAPS and CAPM?

The full CAPP programme comprises of two levels, known as Accounts Payable Specialist (CAPS) and Accounts Payable Manager (CAPM). Participants have the option to complete a single level then progress to the next or choose to complete both levels together in one course, known as the full CAPP programme.

Whichever route you decide to take, you’ll earn the CAPP credential if you complete both levels. Alternatively, if you opt to just complete the Specialist or Manager levels on their own, you’ll earn the relevant credential, either CAPS or CAPM.

The Accounts Payable Specialist level (CAPS) is a non-managerial programme which has a core focus on the Accounts Payable process.

Some of the core topics covered include; Invoice Processing, AP Accounting, Fraud and Risk Reduction, Compliance and Controls, Supplier/Vendor on-boarding and relationships, Tax Reporting, Employee Expense Processing, B2B Payments, AP Automation and Technology

The Accounts Payable Manager level (CAPM) is a leadership and managerial programme which has a core focus on the running and optimisation of an Accounts Payable function.

Some of the core topics covered include; Leading Accounts Payable Teams, Change and Project Management, Tax Reporting and Filing, Presenting to Stakeholders, Sourcing and Implementing Systems, People Management, Process Improvement

The Accounts Payable Practitioner level (CAPP) is a both the CAPS and CAPM levels combined to cover both Technical and Managerial aspect of Accounts Payable. The programme offers participants a deep and well rounded understanding of the inner workings of an Accounts Payable function and how to create efficiencies, optimize and build a world class AP team.