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What is the CFOM programme?

The Certified Finance Operations Manager (CFOM) Programme is designed current and aspiring managers of finance departments which may include all of some of the following functions; Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Accounting, Vendor Payments, Credit Control, Treasury and other business financial services.

CFOM is suitable Supervisors, Managers and Leaders in Operational Finance, P2P Accounts Payable/Receivable, O2C, and Shared Services across all industries and sectors — as well as anyone looking to improve their understanding of Financial processes and operational management.

To enroll you must meet the eligibility requirements including holding a minimum of 12 months experience in a Supervisory position in Finance and Accounting.

Those who complete the CFOM Certification will gain the most respected professional credential in the field of Finance Operations Management and Leadership, along with an advanced understanding of how to successfully lead and improve business finance operations and teams.

How to earn the CFOM professional credential

Enroll today

The study programme associated with CFOM is available online and on-demand – this means you can enroll right now or at a time to suit you.

Enrollment includes 12 months access to the study programme to complete all study modules and pass the 100 question final exam.

Step 1


Complete your chosen online course to build an advanced understanding and give yourself the best preparation for passing the relevant exams

Step 2

Exam Prep and Practice

Use the study material, practice questions, live and recorded classes to prepare for the final exam.

Step 3

The Exam

When you’ve completed the course you can take the relevant exam at your convenience, online within the IFOL Academy.

5 Reasons to choose the CFOM.

Are you looking to advance your career in finance operations management? Earning the Finance Operations Manager Certification is your key to unlocking a world of opportunities. Discover why this certification is the smart choice for professionals seeking growth and success in the finance industry.

1. In-Demand Expertise: Become a sought-after expert in finance operations management. This certification equips you with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage financial processes, optimize resources, and drive profitability. Employers value professionals who can streamline financial operations, making you an asset to any organization.

2. Career Advancement: Stand out in a competitive job market. The Finance Operations Manager Certification is a testament to your commitment and expertise, making it easier to secure promotions and salary increases. Whether you’re aiming for a higher role within your current organization or looking to explore new opportunities, this certification will set you apart.

3. Global Recognition: Gain international recognition for your qualifications. This certification is respected worldwide and provides you with a globally transferable skillset. Whether you dream of working in your current location or abroad, the certification’s prestige will open doors to exciting possibilities.

4. Expert Faculty: Learn from the best in the industry. Our certification program is led by experienced finance professionals who have excelled in their careers. Benefit from their wisdom and real-world insights, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the challenges of finance operations management.

5. Continuous Learning: The finance world is ever-evolving. Our program is designed to keep you up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices. Stay ahead of the curve with access to resources, webinars, and a network of fellow certified professionals.

Get the CFOM guide

The Finance Operations Manager Certification programme is a leadership and managerial programme which has a core focus on the running and optmizing an operational finance and function which may include multiple teams, such as Accounts Payable / Receivable, Collections, Payments, Treasury etc.

Download your copy of the certification guide to learn more about the curriculum and process for enrolling.

Interested in learning more? Visit the CFOM Info-site