The Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership are pleased to announce that from December 2020, we will be launching the Payroll Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship programme in partnership with The Global Payroll Association and opening the very first enrolment window from mid-December until 14th February 2021 with the first cohort of learners joining this exciting programme on 01st March 2021.

This 18 month course is eligible for funding through the Apprenticeship Levy or Co-investment fund at 95% (if your company don’t pay the levy). The course is designed for both existing payroll professionals who want to expand their knowledge and gain an industry qualification and certificate, or those who want to pursue a career in Payroll.

Learners will benefit from a unique, online course delivery format which relieves any Covid-19 spread concerns, along with ongoing support from highly experienced and respected Payroll industry leaders.

If you or your team would like to achieve a nationally recognised qualification and certificate in Payroll from both the Institute of Financial Operations & Leadership plus the Global Payroll Association, find out more by registering your interest and reserving your space at out Live Launch webinar

During this exciting launch you learn:

  • How and who this programme is offered to and suitable for
  • The delivery structure
  • How the course will benefit you or your payroll team members
  • How you can utilise the Apprenticeship Levy or Co-investment fund for up to £9,000 (or 100%) of funding
  • The course modules, topics and what students will learn
  • The enrolment process and first cohort start dates

If you are managing or part of a Payroll Team, this is a unique opportunity to understand how you can gain a Payroll qualification and industry certificates with funding from the Apprenticeship Levy.

Register your interest now