Launching in December 2020
Available in England only

The Payroll Administrator – Level 3 Apprenticeship

We’re are pleased to announce that from December 2020, we will be launching the Payroll Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship programme and opening the very first enrolment window from mid-December until 14th February 2021 with the first cohort of learners joining this exciting programme on 01st March 2021.

About the programme

The Payroll Administrator programme is the latest apprenticeship to be offered by The Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership in partnership with the Global Payroll Association.

The course will be delivered over 18 months with a blend of online course materials and assessments, and virtual masterclasses delivered by highly experienced and respected Payroll Professionals. Learners will be fully supported from day 1 by highly experienced professionals who know and understand UK Payroll.

Benefiting from full funding from the Apprenticeship Levy for new and existing employees, this is the perfect solution for training your payroll team.

Who is the programme for?

At level 3, this programme offers an entry point for anyone currently working in a payroll team, HR or wider finance or for those who are looking to begin a career in payroll.

4 ways this programme is unique


The programme is fully funded through the apprenticeship levy or co-investment fund


Students will be supported by tutors with extensive payroll industry experience


Achieve an industry recognised certificate from IFOL and The Global Payroll Association


Access to exclusive resources including masterclasses, webinars, conferences and podcasts

Benefits for Individuals and Employers

For Employers

Investing in your workforce contributes to a sense of feeling valued at work in turn it can:

  • Reduce absenteeism Increase retention
  • Stimulate confidence and job satisfaction
  • Assist wellbeing and Boost productivity

For Individuals

  • Be recognised as committed to excellence in your own practices
  • Stay ahead of others in the industry
  • Formally demonstrate your skills to your employer and your team
  • Be inspired to focus further on your continuous development and join our community stay updated on any changes

The live launch

Register your interest now and automatically reserve your space at the Live Launch on December 10th.

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Register your interest and reserve a space at the live launch webinar 


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The Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership are pleased to announce that from December 2020, we will be launching the Payroll Administrator Level 3 Apprenticeship […]