Student of the Month Louise explains why she chose the Accounts Payable Practitioner programme

Hear from Student of the Month Louise Varley on why she enrolled in CAPP Accounts Payable Practitioner Certification Programme.

We spoke with Student of the Month April 2021 Louise Varley to find out why she chose to become a Certified Accounts Payable Practitioner (CAPP). This certification provides Louise with an internationally recognised certification alongside her 20+ years of experience in Accounts Payable.

Accounts Payable Practitioner
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Can you give an overview of your professional background and your current position?

Working in Accounts Payable for almost 20 years, I am now Purchase Ledger Manager at my organisation. I started with my current employer 3 years ago as an Accounts Payable Assistant and have progressively been promoted. I became Supervisor after one year with the employer and after two years I am now Manager. This is the first managerial role I have had so I am very excited to apply a lot of theory learnt into this role.

Tell us why you decided to enrol in the Certified Accounts Payable Practitioner programme?

Being promoted to Manager encouraged me to explore qualification options to excel in the role. I am keen on continuous development anyway and, after doing short courses over lockdown, I now want to gain a professional qualification. This course is widely recognised and appears to be the best – it certainly is boosting my confidence.

What have you learnt from the course, and applied/applying in your workplace so far?

It’s always good to go back to basics sometimes, hence why I was keen to start on the Foundation course (CAPS) and work my way up to the Practitioner course (CAPP). Having a new team to manage can be difficult but with the knowledge that I am gaining, I will be the best manager for my team. I will also share this knowledge with my team so that we can grow together. The SWOT analysis is also very interesting – it is a good way of celebrating strengths and highlighting weakness to motivate a strive for success!

Was your employer supportive of the investment in training for you?

Although my employer is keen on development and study support, I am funding the course myself. I haven’t told anyone I am studying but I will once I pass!

What are you looking forward to the most as part of your certification journey? (Masterclasses, Course Material, Networking, etc)

I’m most excited about applying the knowledge I gain to my role and sharing it with my team. The Masterclasses are very well rated so I look forward to attending those – and of course, the exam which will make me fully qualified!

Are you looking to further your career in finance? Or do you want to gain the recognition and respect you deserve? Start your certification journey today and learn more about our Accounts Payable Programme.

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