A month aimed at encouraging employers to question their diversity and inclusion strategies. Focusing on sharing actionable recommendations and highlighting the importance of a diverse workforce and inclusive environment.

A diverse and inclusive workplace ensures that everyone, regardless of their similarities and differences or what they do for a company, feels equally involved and supported in all areas of their working life. An inclusive workplace doesn’t just have a diversity of people, it has a diversity of people involved, developed, empowered and trusted by their company.

Although many companies are focusing more on diversity, many disregard the importance of inclusion. In fact, a lack of genuine inclusion is often called “tokenism”. Diversity without inclusion can result in a toxic environment, and inclusion without diversity can make a company stagnant and uncreative. Without a collaborative effort towards both, a workforce will feel out of place and unsupported.

This is why we focus on sharing useful insights and articles, and research trends to showcase what organisations should be doing to improve. Diversity and Inclusion month is a reminder of the positive impact a diverse workforce has on strengthening an organisation.

Does your organisation have diversity when recruiting and across leadership? Or do you have a workplace where 50% of employees are women but 0% of these women are managers? Do you really have a good representation of diverse employees and inclusion or are you a “tokenism” organisation? These are just some questions that you should be asking to reveal if your workplace is truly diverse and inclusive.

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