The Accounts Payable; Back to Basics course has been designed to equip participants with a foundation understanding of the Accounts Payable function, process, it’s purpose and responsibilities, covering key areas such including;

  1. The role and responsibilities of the Accounts Payable function and how AP interacts with other areas of a business.
  2. Who Accounts Payable’s customers and stakeholders are and why excellence communication and customer service is so important.
  3. Why controls are so important in Accounts Payable teams and which controls need to be in place to ensure compliance and minimal risk to the business.
  4. The changing landscape of Accounts Payable and how and which technology is driving this. We look ahead to the ‘Future of Accounts Payable’.

CPD/CEU: 1 Credit

Creator: The Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership

Course Level: 1

Access: Full access included with the following membership levels:

  1. Certified Full Membership
  2. Individual Full Membership
  3. Team Membership

Where and When

Content Delivery: Online and On-demand 56 minutes across 5 videos


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