In today’s dynamic business landscape, a finance operations manager (FOM) plays a critical role in ensuring the financial health and success of organizations. From managing budgets and treasury functions to implementing process controls and driving continuous improvement, the responsibilities are diverse and multifaceted. 

Finance operations managers (FOMs) are more in demand than ever before. With more businesses focussing on transformation and optimization of their finance operations, FOM salaries are rising globally, and have increased by as much as 20% since 2021.  

Our brand new Certified Finance Operations Manager (CFOM) program sets a new standard of excellence for finance operations managers.

Understanding the CFOM Program

The CFOM program is tailor-made for practitioners entrusted with the management of finance operations of all sizes. It serves as a comprehensive platform for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of complex finance operations and enhance their proficiency in leading teams and optimizing finance functions. 

Through a structured curriculum and rigorous study program and exam, participants acquire an array of competencies essential for navigating the intricacies of modern finance operations.

What you’ll study in the CFOM Program

1. Cross-Functional Working and Business Partnering: Effective finance operations extend beyond siloed functions. This module equips participants with the skills to collaborate across departments, fostering a culture of business partnering and alignment towards organizational objectives.

2. Strategies, Business Cases and Drafting a Reports: Strategic decision-making lies at the heart of effective finance operations management. Participants learn to develop business cases, draft insightful reports, and align financial strategies with organizational goals.

3. Budgetary and Treasury Management: Mastery of budgetary and treasury management is crucial for maintaining financial stability and liquidity. This module delves into techniques for budget planning, cash flow management, and optimization of financial resources.

4. Data Reporting and Analytics: In today’s data-driven landscape, the ability to harness data for informed decision-making is indispensable. Participants learn to leverage data reporting tools and analytics techniques to extract valuable insights and drive strategic initiatives.

5. Continuous Improvement and Business Optimization: Finance operations thrive on a culture of continuous improvement. This module equips participants with methodologies and tools for identifying inefficiencies, streamlining processes, and driving business optimization.

6. Process Controls and Procedures: Robust process controls are essential for safeguarding financial integrity and compliance. Participants gain expertise in designing and implementing effective controls, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and regulatory adherence.

7. Risk Management and Working with Audit: Mitigating financial risks is paramount in finance operations management. This module explores risk management frameworks, audit processes, and strategies for proactively addressing compliance challenges.

8. Project Management: Finance operations managers often oversee projects with significant financial implications. This module equips participants with project management skills, enabling them to effectively plan, execute, and monitor finance-related projects.

9. Change Management: Adaptability is key in an ever-evolving business environment. Participants learn change management principles and strategies for navigating organizational transitions and driving successful change initiatives.

10. Staff Development – Talent Matrix: Investing in talent development is essential for building a high-performing finance operations team. This module explores strategies for talent identification, development, and retention, ensuring a skilled and motivated workforce.

11. Customer Service and Stakeholder Management: Finance operations extend beyond internal processes to external stakeholders. This module emphasizes the importance of customer service excellence, fostering positive relationships with clients, suppliers, and partners.

Benefits of CFOM Certification

Earning the CFOM certification signifies more than just acquiring knowledge; it symbolizes a commitment to excellence and proficiency in finance operations management. Here are some key benefits:

  • Enhanced Career Opportunities: CFOM certification opens doors to exciting career opportunities in finance operations management roles across industries.
  • Increased Credibility and Recognition: Employers value professionals with recognized certifications, enhancing credibility and recognition within the industry.
  • Expanded Skill Set: Participants gain a diverse skill set encompassing financial management, strategic planning, risk mitigation, and more, enhancing their effectiveness as finance operations managers.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engaging with peers and experts during the certification process provides valuable networking opportunities, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Professional Development: Continuous learning and professional development are integral to career advancement. CFOM certification ensures ongoing growth and relevance in the field of finance operations management.


In a competitive business landscape, the Certification Finance Operations Manager (CFOM) designation sets individuals apart as leaders in management and optimization of finance operations. By equipping participants with comprehensive knowledge, skills, and strategies, the CFOM program empowers finance operations managers to navigate challenges, drive innovation, and achieve excellence in their roles. Embrace the opportunity to distinguish yourself and lead the way in finance operations management with CFOM certification.

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