AI and machine learning technologies are reshaping expectations around managing AP processes, risk and compliance, and the employee and vendor experience. Many finance professionals, however, still believe that these solutions are too complex or too costly for their companies. 

As Stela Koleva (VP, EMEA Services & Support and Country Director at SAP Concur) explains, it’s time to re-examine those perspectives:

“The journey to AI does not have to be complex, expensive, or chaotic because other companies may have already developed what you need.”

Here’s how you can start leveraging AI and ML to build business momentum for what’s next:

  1. First, zero in on the manual “busywork” that takes employees away from more important work.
  2. Next, ask yourself, “can we automate this?”
  3. Lastly, talk to best-in-class partners who offer solutions that are already tested, integrated, and used by thousands of businesses worldwide.

Want to dig deeper into AI and ML? Read SAP Concur’s whitepaper The Robots Are Here.


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