We are proud to announce Viktorija Virksaite as our Student of the Month for January 2021. We are recognising her for her outstanding progress towards her Certification in Procure to Pay Practitioner. This programme asks students to write about ‘what skills and characteristics make someone a good leader‘. This article showcases a part of Viktorija’s work.

What Makes a Good Leader?
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“Being a good leader requires various skills and training. It is not as simple as many may believe because it takes time to learn, observe and teach others.

The way that leaders listen and interact with their employees will change the perception that surrounds them. Leaders that actively listen to their employees will positively change how they are perceived and those that encourage their employees to express their ideas will positively impact the working relationship.

Earning the respect and trust of employees is not easy. What leaders say and do has a direct impact on the perception of an organisation and the success of it. A leader that does not follow their words with actions will have employees who are less engaged and committed to their role. Empowering employees will likely result in them enjoying their job leading to higher morale and performing better. Increasing productivity will reduce turnover and create a greater level of professional motivation. The motivation of employees can quickly diminish if they do not have access to the tools needed to achieve their goals.

Leaders need to invest their time in their own professional development. It has a positive impact on the success of their role and organisation. Being up to date with everything from business and employee needs to workplace procedures will make an employer stand out as a good leader and someone who cares about the job.”

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