Boost your career in finance leadership as a Certified Finance Operations Manager

As a CFOM credential holder, your specialist skill set will stand you out from the crowd and position you as a leader in the field of Finance Operations

Unlock your leadership potential
with the CFOM credential

The Finance Operations Manager programme is designed for managers and leaders of finance operations of all sizes and complexity from small business to large enterprise. 

You’ll discover your true leadership potential and develop an enhanced understanding of how to strategically manage, influence and improve financial operations, typically including Accounts Payable and Receivable, Credit Control, Financial Reporting, Treasury teams and more.

In earning the CFOM credential, you’ll demonstrate your ability to effectively manage, transform and enhance finance operations for any business.

What will you study?

  • Study Time
    60-70 hours
  • Format
    Online Self-Paced Study
  • Assessment
    Online Exam 100 Questions
  • Time Frame
    Up to 18 Months Allowed
  • Award
    The CFOM professional
    credential from IFOL

Business and Finance Strategy

The role of a Finance Operations Manager is to outline and implement key strategic initiatives which affect the finance operations and wider business. This area of study encourages the break down of silos across finance operations and the implementation of sustainable strategies for optimising performance and reducing risk.

Syllabus at a glance

A. Cross Functional Working and Business Partnering

B. Finance and Business Strategy

C. Budgetary and Treasury Management

D. Data Reporting and Analytics

Process and Continuous Improvement

Only when Continuous Improvement is embedded at the heart of finance operations will the business have the potential to continually grow. This areas of study will enhance your understanding of a continuous improvement culture and address key areas for continuous improvement across finance operations.

Syllabus at a glance

A. Continuous Improvement

B. Process Controls and Procedures

C. Risk Management, Governance and Audits

Business Change

Change in finance operations is driven by internal and external factors from enhancements in technology to global economic and environmental changes. Finance Operations Managers must have a deep understanding of key principles of Project Management and Change Management. 

Syllabus at a glance

A. Managing Projects

B. Change Management

People and Leadership

Leading finance operations requires advanced leadership skills as it will typically involve managing and leading multiple teams. Finance Operations Managers require a people focussed leader with a development mind-set to enable high performing teams to reach their potential.

Syllabus at a glance

A. Leadership and People Development

B. Customer Service and Stakeholder Management

Get the CFOM certification guide

Download the comprehensive CFOM certification Guide, which includes information about the course, sitting for the exam, earning the certification, and using the designation to further your career in finance. 

Getting Started with CFOM

Helpful Resources

Getting Certified at a Glance

Financial operations encompass the management and execution of all monetary activities within a business.

It comprises core processes including accounts payable and receivable (AP / AR), procure-to-pay and order-to-cash (P2P / O2C), treasury management, financial reporting and compliance.

Efficient financial operations require effective management to ensure accuracy, compliance, and optimal cash flow.

Obtaining the CFOM Credential is a three step process:

Check Eligibility and Study: If you meet the requirements to enroll, you can begin the online CFOM study course

Exam Prep: Use the tools and practice exam to prepare for the exam

Exam: Take the CFOM exam online within the IFOL Certification Academy

The Finance Operations Manager (CFOM) exam is taken online within the IFOL Certification Academy. It comprises of 100 multiple choice questions designed to test your knowledge and understanding of managing business Finance Operations.

Can you enroll?

Eligibility Quick Check

If you meet one of the enrollment criteria below, you can apply to enroll in the CFOM programme today.

You must meet at least one of the criteria outlined below to enroll.

Option 1

  • Possess a minimum of 18 months practical experience in a supervisory or management position within a finance or accounting setting.

Option 2

  • Hold either CAPP, CAPM or CP2P professional credentials from IFOL.

Option 3

  • Hold a degree level Accounting or Finance qualification.

Do you meet the requirements?

Start your application now

Preparing for the exam

Sit the CFOM exam online within the IFOL Certification Academy. The exam comprises 100 multiple choice questions which set the professional standard of excellence for managing finance operations.

Prepare for the exam with access to the online Finance Operations Manager course and study materials. The study platform provides all of the materials and learning resources you need to achieve the CFOM credential, including recorded training, E-workbooks, practical assessments and our exam practice tool.

Taking the exam

The CFOM exam is taken online within the IFOL Certification Academy where you will need to reach a minimum score of 80% to pass and achieve the credential.

Prior to the exam, you will complete the CFOM online course and receive access to the CFOM exam preparation module. This includes essential exam preparation guidance, as well as a practice exam which provides sets of 25 questions. The practice exam can be taken as many times as you like, until you’re ready to take the full exam.

How to obtain the CFOM designation

The CFOM programme offers experienced finance professionals further opportunities for growth, and plays a vital role in improving financial performance

Step 1: Course

Check out the eligibility criteria and enroll for the Finance Operations Manager course.

Step 2: Exam Preparation

Access the purpose built exam practice tool to prepare for the exam.

Step 3: The Exam

When you have completed the course, take the CFOM exam online at your own convenience within the IFOL Certification Academy.

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