CFOM Overview

The CFOM or Certified Finance Operations Manager program sets the standard of excellence in the field of managing and optimising financial operations. 

The programme consists of a three elements: the online study program, an exam preparation and practice tool and finally the CFOM exam.

The essentials you need to know

  • Apply to enroll anytime: when to apply to enroll is your choice as there are no set intake dates.
  • Customized profiles: you can enroll online, where you will be required to select your international location, as course materials contain regional variances and create your student profile to personalise your experience.
  • Online Academy: enrollment includes all course materials, our exam practice tool, access to the final exam, and your official certificate.
  • Payment options: pay either as a one-time payment, or set up a monthly payment plan.
  • Real-time: following payment, the course will become immediately available to you within your student dashboard.
  • 18 months: From enrollment, you have access to the online courses and final exams for 18 months, in which time you must complete the course
  • One examination: 100 multiple choice questions all relating to topics, legislation and best practices covered within the course.
  • On-demand: sit the exam whenever you feel ready, at a time and place to suit you. There is no need to attend an examination venue as the exam is take remotely from within the IFOL Certification Academy.
  • Status: once you pass the examination you are officially considered a CFOM and may use the CFOM designation and letters after your name.
  • Continuing Education Requirements: after successfully passing an exam, you will be invited to become a Certified Full Member of The Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership. As a member you will access continuing education resources such as live training, webinars, course updates, research and private forums. Members are advised to complete 15 hours of continuing education annually. Membership also grants you reduced fees to attend IFOL conferences and events.

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