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Go Further With The CP2P Credential

The CP2P Process Owner Programme is designed for practitioners who want to gain an in-depth understanding of the end to end Procure to Pay (aka Purchase to Pay) cycle and how to implement, manage and optimise it for businesses.

CP2P is suitable for anybody working in Operational Finance, P2P Accounts Payable/Receivable, O2C, Procurement, Purchasing and Shared Services across all industries and sectors — as well as anyone looking to improve their understanding of Financial processes.

We recommend you have a good knowledge of either Finance, Payments, Accounting or Procurement whether achieved through formal training such as the  CAPP program, or through experience.

Getting Certified at a Glance

You may know P2P by different names (Procure to Pay, Purchase to Pay, PtP etc.) depending on the company or location. But it always has the same goal: to streamline the process of procuring goods and services to paying the invoice.

Obtaining the CP2P Credential is a three step process;

Course: enroll in the online CP2P study course

Exam Prep: use the tools and practice exam to prepare for the exam

Exam: take the CP2P Specialist or Process Owner exam online within the IFOL Certification Academy

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The CP2P Process Owner exam is taken online within the IFOL Certification Academy. It comprises of 70 multiple choice questions designed to test your knowledge of the 12 core subject areas.

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2 Levels of Certification

Preparing for the Exam

The Procure to Pay Process Owner (CP2P) study programme offers participants two study and certification options, known as Specialist and Process Owner. The Specialist level is suited to individuals who work in an operational role within the P2P process or function, whilst the Process Owner level is the most advanced and is suited to P2P Managers, Leaders and Process Owners. 

Learn more about each level of the CP2P programme below or download our handy CP2P certification guide designed to provide you with all of the key information about the CAPP programme levels.

The CP2P Specialist level covers a wide range of topics including, P2P Structure, Process and Payments.

The CP2P Process Owner level covers the entire P2P transformation and process, plus Compliance, Efficiency and Management

Taking the Exam

The CP2P Exam’s are taken online within the IFOL Certification Academy, where you will be required to answer up to 70 multiple choice questions (depending on which level you take) and achieve a minimum score of 80% to pass and achieve the credential.

You’ll also have receive access to the CP2P exam preparation module, which include essential exam preparation guidance and a practice exam which provides sets of 25 questions and can be taken an unlimited amount of times until you’re ready to take the full exam.

How to obtain the CP2P designation

If you work in accounting, finance or procurement and have a desire to propel your career, you can earn the CP2P® designation by taking the CP2P Study Programme and passing the exam.

Step 1: Course

Complete your chosen online CP2P course (Specialist or Process Owner) to build an advanced understanding of on P2P Operations, Processes, Best Practices and Improvement Measures. 

Step 2: Exam Preparation

Use the CP2P mock exam practice questions, live and recorded classes to prepare for the final exam.

Step 3: The Exam

When you’ve completed the course you can take the exam at your convenience, online within the IFOL Academy. You must score 80% in order to pass the exam and be awarded the CP2P designation.

What CP2P’s Say…

“Having worked in Accounts Payable and P2P for several years, I felt that I was missing something. The CP2P program excelled my understanding of all areas and it’s great to have a recognised qualification in my career.”

Sarah Thompson,
P2P Process Improvement Consultant

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