Prevention is better than cure

Fraud Mitigation in Finance is rated as a top priority for over 92% of businesses globally.

The Accounts Payable department is one of the most highly targeted functions of a business who are targeted by fraudsters. All too often, businesses don’t have strong enough controls and measures in place to reduce the risk of being victims of fraud, only when it happens, does it become the no1 priority. 

The CFPS program teaches a proven system and methods of Vendor Masterfile Fraud Prevention. Alongside this, you’ll learn about new and sophisticated threats and techniques being adopted by fraudsters, which you can avoid.

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In a recent survey conducted by  IFOL (Institute of Financial Operations & Leadership) which saw participation from over 300 organisations across Europe and North America, it emerged some of the most highly desirable skills in Financial Operations are understanding of Fraud Risks and preventative measures.

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