About The CFPS Exam

The examination is made up of 35 multiple choice questions and is based on concepts and principles covered within the study material and instructional videos.

The CFPS exam is online within the IFOL virtual academy. The exam is split into 3 sections; Validation, Authentication and Management. Each part of the exam is taken at the end of the relevant module within the course.

During the examinations, you will have the opportunity to review any question on the examination. Once you have answered and confirmed your answer for each question, you will see an immediate correct or incorrect mark. Subsequently at the end of the exam you will receive an immediate pass or fail mark, the minimum pass mark is 90%.

Taking the exam

In order to take the exam, you must first complete all of the course modules and exam preparation units.

The exam is taken online within the IFOL Virtual Academy and there are no requirements to pre-book or arrange a specific time to take the exam.

What CFPS students say

Honest feedback from those who have enrolled in the CFPS program

Kelly Dunn

“I feel more aware of the risks fraudsters pose to our AP function now”.

Kyle Vardon

“I’ve learned how to protect our Supplier Masterfile and make sure that data within is accurate and well managed”.

Rajesh Singh

“With this knowledge I can help protect my company from scams and fraud. The CFPS certification will help me progress in my career”