Come and reconnect at one of London’s most sustainable and premier conference venues

Building more sustainable finance practices

Our event is the first of its kind and is centred around reducing the impact on the planet. By providing a more sustainable forum, we hope to inspire our delegates to adopt their own sustainable finance practices and collectively reduce the carbon footprint of finance teams.

From the venue, to materials, and travel arrangements, our goal is to host an event that has the lowest carbon footprint possible. 

Our event is 100% paperless and to further reduce our impact, we pledge to offset the travel to this event by greening the planet – more details will be revealed on the day.

Our top tips
for reducing your carbon footprint 

Our pledge is to make the Accounts Payable and P2P Leadership Conference a sustainable and eco-friendly event. You can help us by following some of our top tips for reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Travel Light
  • Walk or Cycle
  • Travel Together
  • Bring a Reusable Bottle
  • Stay in Sustainable Accommodation
  • Reduce Food Waste