The Human Element: Unmasking Social Engineering’s Role in AP Fraud

Speaker: Marc Evans

Unmask the Secrets on how Social Engineering Drives Accounts Payable Fraud

Join us for a captivating session as we unveil the insidious tactics of social engineering in the accounts payable landscape. From spear phishing to CEO impersonation, discover how fraudsters manipulate human psychology to orchestrate sophisticated schemes. Gain invaluable insights into detecting and thwarting social engineering attacks, fortifying your defenses, and fostering a culture of vigilance among your team. Don’t miss this opportunity to arm yourself with the knowledge and strategies needed to safeguard your organization’s finances and reputation against the ever-evolving threat of social engineering-driven accounts payable fraud.

The no.1 event for Accounts Payable Leaders
Chicago, Hyatt Place
September 25th 2024
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