Digital Transformation Trends for 2022

Webinar Overview 

A panel discussion featuring senior finance executives, focusing on key and emerging trends in digital transformation and a prediction of what to expect for the rest of 2022.

Key discussion topics include:

  • Rate of adoption of new tech (and how the pandemic has accelerated this)
  • Reasons why finance is driving digital transformation
  • What to expect if you get left behind- Where to get started

Duration – 40 Minutes


Caroline Adams

AP/P2P Trainer – IFOL

Amar Shah

CFO – R.J. O’Brien

Adam McDonagh

SVP – SoftCo


Topic: Digital Transformation Trends for 2022
Start: Wednesday, May 25, 2022 11:00 AM
Category: Upcoming Course Webinars, Upcoming Masterclasses
Duration: 40 minutes
Current Timezone: America/New_York