A month aimed at encouraging employers to inspire and encourage their staff to achieve their career goals. Focusing on raising the profile of continuous learning and development and highlighting the importance of career progression.

Professional Development
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Professional development is the process of building, maintaining, and enhancing knowledge and skills within a career. It allows employees to be more aware of changing trends and directions in their industry. In fact, even some of the best leaders in the world recognise that commitment towards professional development is necessary for success.

Though this is true, many employers are sometimes reluctant to invest in their employees without knowing the organisational benefits. Continuous learning is an important way to engage and motivate employees. It also expands and strengthens the collective knowledge and overall capabilities of the workforce. As a result, the success of an organisation can grow exponentially.

It is not expected for professionals to know all the latest developments in financial operations – hence the term continuous professional development. This month IFOL focuses on raising the profile of professional development and the need to be aware of why new skills are key to career progression. We share useful insights and articles, research key trends, and launch our highly anticipated Continuous Learning Programme.

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