Research Reports

IFOL conduct regular research and industry surveys to bring you the latest insight and trends from the world of Finance. 

Finance leadership is evolving, fast. On top of managing the everyday operational finance processes, finance teams must now bring new value-add skills to the table to support the wider teams and propel the company’s growth. So with this being the new way of working, how can you be sure your […]
Accounts payable automation can help organizations improve efficiency, maintain compliance, and free up AP staff to focus on growth initiatives. But how do you build a case for AP Automation? Organizations must find a way to automate and streamline accounts payable processes to survive – and thrive – in today’s […]
You can’t improve what you can’t measure. If you want to get an accurate read on AP performance and identify areas of improvement, we suggest you start with these 10. What’s in the white paper? Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), when used correctly, are a transformative tool for realizing your AP […]
The rules have changed!  In 2022, faced with a rapid return to activity, the Finance and Accounting departments must adapt to new rules and ways of operating.In this eBook offered by Yooz, discover the process and tools for your success in 2022. Benefit from the advice of top financial leaders including Xavier […]
Latest IFOL study reveals the top three most inefficient finance processes and their slim chance of improvement. 16th March 2022. The global research carried out by The Institute of Financial Operations and Leadership (IFOL), shows that two-fifths (40%) of respondents said their finance team did not have modern and efficient […]
Do you know which processes can deliver the most return when automating? Our research which was participated in by over 50 companies across 7 different countries highlighted 3 key finance processes which deliver the best results and should not be missed off your finance automation roadmap. Download this guide to […]
In partnership with our sponsor Tipalti, our latest automation trends research sought to uncover the current state of automation in Accounts Payable teams worldwide. The research was conducted over a 2-month period from October to November 2021 with IFOL members and students. We have been able to draw comparisons between […]
During August and September 2021, we set out to conduct research with our students and members who have participated in our previous 2 reports from 2020 where we look into technology adoption trends for businesses across Canada and USA. This report, combined with our AP Process and Future Payable Process […]
This research was conducted in partnership with over 200 global organisations to provide a true benchmark report which you can use to bench mark your AP performance. Contained within the report is a tool kit to aid and document your current processes and rates, before benchmarking against industry results.
The AP Appreciation Survey which was carried out by the IFOL; Institute of Financial Operations & Leadership saw 342 Accounts Payable professionals take part and consider how appreciated they feel by their Management and wider business.. Historically, there has been a perception held that AP is an ‘under-appreciated’ function – […]