Accounts Payable Career Path


This Accounts Payable Foundation course covers the Roles,

Responsibilities and Terminologies within Accounts Payable,

providing an overview of expectations and objectives to help

you achieve and succeed in your career.

IFOL refer to the roles as Accounts Payable, however they

can also be referred to as Purchase Ledger or Bought Ledger.


By the end of this course, participants will have had the opportunity

learn about, explore and enhance their ability to provide excellent

Accounts Payable services to employers, suppliers, customers and


Accounts Payable can often be viewed as a transactional role with

little responsibility. As this course progresses, you will see this view is

clearly not the case, given the responsibilities that the job and role


In companies large or small where an AP professional is dealing with

transactions, most often they do not gain the recognition deserved.

This course allows you to gain that recognition by passing a

recognised and certified award.