Masterclasses are included in CLP membership and CAPP/CP2P Certification Programmes with live being hosted every month. There is a non-member rate available to attend a single masterclass.

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Why attend masterclasses?

Masterclasses will broaden and deepen your understanding and knowledge of financial operations and assist you in developing new skills to perform better in your role. 

During live classes you can engage in interactive polls, ask questions to coaches and receive relevant handouts and session content. Each masterclass is hosted by a specialist in their field, which means you’ll get up-to-date industry knowledge along with the discussion topic.

Live masterclasses per year!


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Schedule of masterclasses


Leadership and Management Session

Team Development Session

24th / 25th

Reflective practice for CPD
Fraud Prevention techniques in the Supplier Masterfile


Having a Mindful Approach
Achieving Purchase Order Compliance 


Keeping Projects On Track / Rescuing a Project 
How to identify manual processes for Automation


Having and Showing Awareness
Negotiating Skills for working capital improvment


Operational Planning
Fraud Awareness & Prevention Best Practices


Stop Holding On To Things
Confident Decision Making


Developing The Team
Payments best practices


Approaching Difficulty
Implementing and using KPI’s effectively


Managing Projects in Organisations
Invoice Handling Best Practices – Interest & Early Pay Discounts


Setting a Way Forward With Awareness
Resolving Complaints Effectively 

Live Sessions Delivered by experts

Expert Coaches

Our coaches are experts with over 20 years experience working within Financial Operations. Each coach has specialist knowledge in the subjects covered in each masterclass.

Live and Interactive

Masterclasses are delivered live and offer the opportunity for you to ask questions and share ideas. If you miss a live session, you can always catch up on-demand.

For All Levels

Over a 24 topics are covered each year with a session designed for Leadership and a session for team members each month.

Professional Community

Get to know a community of likeminded professionals and peers who work in Financial Operations and experience the same challenges, struggles and successes as you.

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