Demystifying AI: A Roadmap to Future-proofing your Financial Operations

Speaker: Jolanda ter Maten

Unpacking Artificial Intelligence with Joland ter Maten: Empower Financial Decision-Makers for a Tech-Driver Future

In this compelling 30-minute keynote, Jolanda ter Maten takes financial decision-makers on a transformative journey into the world of Artificial Intelligence and new technologies. Specialising in making complex tech concepts digestible. Jolanda aims to remove the mystic surrounding AI, offering a clear roadmap for harnessing its potential in the financial sector.

Takeaways from the session

  • Understand the basics of AI and its relevance to financial operations
  • Learn about ‘skills for the future’ that decision-makers acquire or invest in
  • Concrete steps and resources to start your AI journey in finance
The no.1 event for Accounts Payable Leaders
The Carlu, Toronto, ON
November 05th 2024
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