Jolanda ter Maten

Jolanda ter Maten is an international trainer, advisor, author and speaker. In addition, she is regularly hired as an expert at the European Commission for “Blockchain Observatory and Forum” and “Horizon2020”.

She is driven to help business leaders worldwide transition to a new digital society and has more than 30 years experience in making understandable and insightful the opportunities and possibilities that new technology offers.

She is the author of the book ‘From Buzz to Bizz: your strategic guide in a complex world of emerging technologies’ in which she simplifies the complex matter of new technologies into understandable and easily digestible information.

Jolanda has worked for companies and government, and advised on innovation, change management and technical and management development programs; with expertise in a broad area of ICT, HR and management. She clearly understands the needs of business leaders and other professionals from different levels and disciplines.

Jolanda has a Master of Science Degree from the Technical University of Twente in the field of Human Resource Development and a post-graduate degree in Strategic HR Business Management from the University of Groningen.

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